Sunday, March 25, 2012

Consider Yourselves Warned Peeps!

I was cleaning out my closet recently when I came across this pair snuggled up close together. The blue Softee Ballsy Super made of Sil-a-gel, and purple Throbbing Hearts Rabbit of TPE don't belong together (obviously), but the Softee rolled off its shelf and into the box below.

It was a smoking hot love affair, melting the material of the TPE into a gooey, sated mess all over the Sil-a-gel.

Fortunately, neither of these are my favorite toys - hense them being relegated to the closet - but it just goes to show what happens when you don't bother separating your toys, or storing them in pouches. And you thought all those reviews warning you about separate storage and using the right kind of lube was malarkey.

Consider yourselves warned and invest in some pouches!

There a ton of different types. They come in different sizes, different materials, and different thicknesses (for glass toys and other delicate materials). Here are some from a few of my favorite places to buy them:


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