Thursday, February 3, 2011

Review of All American Whopper Vibrating Dildo by Nasstoys

I received the All American Whopper Vibrating Dildo in the mail from a couple weeks ago. It arrived in a clear plastic clamshell package that is recloseable and suitable for storing…. though I strongly recommend buying a pouch to save room. The insert that provided the backdrop to the package was a naked woman on one side… apparently pleasuring herself… with the Whopper I assumed. On the other side was a naked male, with this anatomical parts removed from view. The paper does state the toy feels better than the real thing and has 3 levels of vibration. Now I admit, this one is probably not the best travel buddy, for size and discretion, but since I was going abroad, I decided to take him anyway and try him out while on vacation. I can happily state that he made it through airport security… in my checked baggage anyway.

On opening the package the first thing I noticed was a strong rubber smell. I knew before receiving the toy that it was made of Realskin, so this didn’t come as a complete surprise. As stated in other reviews, I am not overly sensitive to smells, so I was willing to give this a try. Compared with sil-a-gel toys the smell is much milder, but is also more offensive, and those who do have sensitive noses probably should look elsewhere.

Realskin is derived of softened plastic and is one of the materials that are used to create realistic looking and feeling dildos. Its not the highest on the safety scale, as it is porous and cannot be sanitized. But its material allows for a somewhat realistic feel. Tactile, it is smooth with lots of drag unless lubricated. It is flexible, and I can bend the shaft down to the balls fairly easily. It also has moderate amount of “squeezability“, more-so in the shaft than in the head, which feels very realistic in use.

Being a realistic, I couldn’t help but compare him to others dildos I have in both cyberskin and pleasureskin material. Although he arrived with a realistic beige color and pink head, he doesn’t have the blue veining and such of the others. However, realskin is better at maintaining its color over time, as my pleasureskin has already faded to a semi-opaque color. With a light touch, I find that he isn’t as realistic as either of the other materials, and does in fact feel a bit like a rubber band. He is firmer than cyberskin, more like the pleasureskin, which does make insertion easier, but still maintains the flexibility that the pleasureskin does not have.

The Whopper is 8 inches (following the curve), 6 of which are insertible... contrary to what the packaging states of 7", as there is no way you will be inserting the balls. The head is easy to insert as it is only 1 1/3" diameter, although the shaft does graduate to 1 3/4", with a heavy to moderate vein textured shaft and small, but realistic balls. The texture is definitely felt in use, and does make the toy feel a bit larger than it actually is, but would still be suitable for beginners. The shaft also maintains a slight upward curve, which does help target the g-spot, although it won’t allow for firm pressure. Under the head is a one inch band of heavily detailed wrinkling, supported by a smooth, prominent, exaggerated mushroom head. The bottom of the balls is a suction-cup base (harness compatible) and a slit where the cord for the remote comes out.

The cord is 32 inches long, and connects to the remote via a jack-pin. Looking at the remote, there is no way it is waterproof. Therefore, I’m assuming that if the intention is that when using the Whopper in the shower, you use it as a non-vibrating dong and leave the remote on the counter.

The three levels of vibration are controlled via sliding button on the remote. There are no pulse patterns, which bums me out slightly, The quiet but moderate strength, buzzy vibrations are located primarily near the base of the shaft, and dull as they travel to the head. They weren’t strong enough for me to enjoy clitorally, and I doubt all but the most sensitive users wouldn’t get much out of him this way. However, the vibrations do tend to carry well inside, and enhance the sensations near the entrance which are often overlooked.

In use, the Whopper was an unexpected surprise. Though it may not have looked or felt as realistic as others when held, inside, it felt incredibly realistic. The combination of firmness and flexibility very naturally mimicked a real penis. I found that it was firm enough to provide a moderate stroking pressure to my g-spot, perfect for thrusting, and the suction cup actually stayed in place in the shower and on the wall (be sure its non-textured). As good as all the above worked, I did find that my favorite way to use this toy was actually with the balls turned toward my clit and the curve facing downward. I loved the way it was able to stroke my ps-spot and g-spot at the same time… all the while being able to easy maneuver by holding the balls and even rubbing them on my clit for extra stimulation.


The Whopper is compatible with water-based lubes and should be cleaned with toy cleaner or mild soap and warm water. Because of its porous nature, I highly recommend using a condom between uses and not sharing this toy with others, or using in multiple orifices. But hey, at around only $30 from my friends at, you can afford to be safe and get one for yourself and a partner. After drying thoroughly, store in a toy pouch away from other sex toys. If the “skin” becomes sticky, simply dust with a renewing powder or cornstarch…. or just keep some in the storage bag. Realskin does not have the life-long shelf-life of silicone, but it should last several years with proper care and storage.

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