Sunday, April 1, 2012

French Frills Babydoll by Dreamgirl REVIEW

I love that this piece has a unique look that’s both sweet and feminine. I suspected that the shape would either flatter my tummy region by disguising it a bit, or make it look even bigger than it is because of the ruffles. I’m happy to announce that looked as good on me as it did in the product pics… a rare feat since those models are incredibly thin and likely photoshopped to death.

The whole set is baby pink, with white rhinestone detailing over the top. It is created out of nylon and spandex, giving it a lacy, stretchy quality. The top looks like lace with a blooming rose design weaved through it. While it is stretchy, there is enough support from the material that it is still able to act as a bustier. The matching thong is made from the same material as the top. I love that it is so soft, when I had worried that it might be scratchy. The bottom half is a solid sheer material that resembles a very tightly weaved netting. It is very stretchy and very soft.

The concept is basically a mixture of a corset, bustier, and ruffle skirt combined into a babydoll. With the 8 plastic bonings set so that 6 are visible in the front and side, 2 that are used on the back, on might think this is a type of hybrid corset. It is not. The material is far too stretchy to give the support that belies a corset, which actually makes is more of a bustier on top. Now, don’t get me wrong, the top does provide some support. I was happy to find that it held my DD breasts up in the garmet, rather than pushing them down or letting them flop. However, the boning stops at the edge of the front of my ribcage. This means there is no support like you would expect from a corset.

Fortunately, the bottom half of the babydoll address that with the somewhat flowy, super ruffled skirt. As I mentioned, I worried this might add bulk where I don’t need any bulk, but that ended up not being the case. First, The material very thin, so it doesn’t “poof out” like a regular skirt might. Second, instead of having the ruffles one on top of another, they are spaced out the length of the ruffle, so that where you see the ruffle is where it actually starts. Finally, I had worried that the sheer material would be too sheer. But I’m happy to say that because the material is layered, the look is not transparent. Again, the product pictures are very accurate, the skirt won’t be showing anything more than a hint of what is underneath.

And while the panties isn’t something that bares much notice for me, it’s certainly worth mentioning that this is a pretty decent thong. And by thong, I mean a real, honest to goodness thong, not a g-string. I hate g-strings, I think they never look flattering, and rarely fit like I want them too. I feel like they usually sit too low and my pubes end up poking out the top (and who wants to shave just for one outfit?), or they are so slim that they are uncomfortable or look ridiculous. These are as good fitting, and as good of quality, as most department store thongs. And they have a liner. Bonus!

This piece is somewhat customizable in fit because of the stretch in the material, and because of the hooks on the back (like bra snaps) that are set at three different lengths. This makes this a good choice for pretty much anyone who fits in the size range it is offered. I think it’s a shame that it isn’t available in plus-sizes, because it is a very flattering piece.

Care for this piece is not something that will take a lot time or energy. Just throw it in the laundry with your regular loads that wash in cold water. If in doubt, you can always hand wash, or use your delicate cycle or a lingerie bag. Though I must recommend line drying; though the craftsmanship is very good, the material is not as durable, and I do have some concern that a lot of pulling or twisting could result in tears to the material. Once it has finished drying you can return it to the black Dreamgirl hanger and hang it up, or keep it wherever you store your lingerie.

Thank you Edenfantasys for sending the French Frills Babydoll by Dreamgirl out to me to review!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Tantus O2 Luke REVIEW

I’m so far behind the times that it is actually embarrassing to admit that I had yet to try a dual-density dildo. They were always near the top of my wish list, but somehow always came up just short of getting in my cart.

Then Tantus started coming out with one after another drool-worthy versions - O2 Cush, O2 Revolution, and O2 Luke. Sold!

Luke is incredibly realistic, and I was happy to discover, more realistic in color and appearance then his online pics would seem. I thought the head would be super shiny. And while it is a bit shinier than the rest of the matte shaft, it isn’t as pronounced as it looks in the products pictures.

So, basically you have this perfectly sized (7“ long, 2“ diameter) realistic dildo, right down to the veins and tiny ripples in the balls. This alone does not make it special; there’s about a million dildo’s out there that look realistic. But this one has that extra something that the others don’t. It’s made of 100% medical-grade silicone, in a fantastic way that allows it to be both firm in the inside and soft on the outside. So it feels as real as it looks. Tantus refers to this as their “O2” line.

I have mine in cocoa, which is a pretty life-like Caucasian color, I suspect that cream would be too light, but I can’t say for sure. The coloring is solid, unlike cyberskin and other realistics that feature hyper-realistic coloring with pink heads and blue veins. On the positive side, however, the coloring won’t fade like it does on cyberskin.

There really aren’t words to describe the awesomeness of this dual-density stuff. When I give it a squeeze it feels like there’s about a ¼” of squishiness on the outside, and a firm, but flexible core inside. To my hand, this feels squishier than a truly fully-erect penis. But when I’m using it, it feels perfectly realistic. There’s just enough give to feel comfortable, enough firmness to insert easily and angle towards my g-spot, and enough softness to clench down around.

The shaft on this guy is pretty straight, so it’s not the best bet for g-spotting. I prefer to use this as a thruster, or even inserted and just slowly stroked and clenched around. And you won’t understand this until you try it yourself, but it’s amusingly fun to squeeze the squishy head and balls. There are other models with curved shafts and more pronounced mushroom heads, and one of those is definitely on my list for my next O2 excursion.

If you are seeking something realistic and can’t imagine why you should bother paying more for the dual-density silicone over cyberskin, let me clue you in with my comparison chart below:

$20 - $70
$70 - $120
Very detailed, usually w/ pink mushroom head and blue veining
Fantasy tones to flesh tone, but usually a solid color
Very porous, not able to be sterilized, sharing not recommended
Non-porous. Sterilizable. Able to be shared.
Looks incredibly realistic. Usually lacks firm inner core and can be too floppy for some.
Not quite as realistically painted, but feels more realistic in use.
Soap and water, must be dusted with cornstarch and carefully stored away from other materials.
Boil it. Bleach it. Wash it with soap and water… minimal care needed.
Color fades and porous material will degrade. Average life-expectancy is 1-2 years.
With proper care, will last a life-time.

Not that cyberskin isn’t fun, but dual-density is better. You can take my word for it, but I’d suggest getting one and trying it out for yourself.

Thank you Babeland for sending me the Tantus’ Luke to review!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Consider Yourselves Warned Peeps!

I was cleaning out my closet recently when I came across this pair snuggled up close together. The blue Softee Ballsy Super made of Sil-a-gel, and purple Throbbing Hearts Rabbit of TPE don't belong together (obviously), but the Softee rolled off its shelf and into the box below.

It was a smoking hot love affair, melting the material of the TPE into a gooey, sated mess all over the Sil-a-gel.

Fortunately, neither of these are my favorite toys - hense them being relegated to the closet - but it just goes to show what happens when you don't bother separating your toys, or storing them in pouches. And you thought all those reviews warning you about separate storage and using the right kind of lube was malarkey.

Consider yourselves warned and invest in some pouches!

There a ton of different types. They come in different sizes, different materials, and different thicknesses (for glass toys and other delicate materials). Here are some from a few of my favorite places to buy them:

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Couture Inspire by California Exotics REVIEW: Insanely Powerful - Just Get One!

The Couture Inspire has been on my wish list for a very long time. I have the Hitachi… hate it… it’s way too buzzy. I used to have a Wahl and I liked that pretty well with it’s deep vibrations. But then friend turned me on to the Inspire. Insisted that if I liked the Wahl, I’d love the Inspire. I wish listed it immediately, but it wasn’t until Cal Exotics repackaged it with two of their new attachments that I about came out of my seat and begged to be sent it.

And it was worth the wait. Unless you count the head-slapping at having waited so long. Seriously, do yourself a favor, finish reading my review and then buy one. Immediately. It’s amazing.

Let me tell you about its fabulousness. First off, it’s not as big, nor as heavy as the Hitachi; It comes it at a mere 7 ½” long. The head is smaller as well, which makes it more favorable for direct clit stimulation. Otherwise, it has the same basic shape - similar round head with flexible neck, similar elongated cone handle - all just in a smaller package.

However, do not - DO NOT - let the smaller size fool you. This is actually more powerful than the Hitachi (or the Wahl). And the vibrations are sooo much better. With the Hitachi, I always feel like my clit is being surface buzzed to death. With the Inspire, the quality is so much better. The vibrations are deeper and more rumbly.

You have one button on the Inspire. Push it once to turn it on, then hold it down to get it to the desired power level. Push it once quickly to shut it off. Because you have to hold it down, I have been unable to count an exact number of levels it has, but there really is something for everyone. It takes nearly a full 10 seconds to escalate fully from the lowest level to the highest. The first level alone feels incredible; like the deep, slow rumble of a washing machine. As you hold the power button down, the vibrations become a little higher in pitch and immensely more powerful. Let me put it like this…. This is the only vibe I have that I don’t use on the highest setting (about half power). It’s that powerful. Suck it, Hitachi!

But that’s not the only awesomeness. It also comes with two accessory heads (there are more available, sold separately) made of the same super velvety PU-coated plastic, but softer and more flexible. The first is shaped kinda like Jimmyjane Form 2, with two long ears that can wrap around the clit. I love this accessory and use it more with it than the regular head, which is also awesome. The second has a long g-spot plug with two bumpers one either side. They can be turned up and down to stimulate the clit and anus simultaneously, or turned side-to-side to stimulate the labia. I prefer the former. I find that the g-spotter is not quite long enough to hit my g-spot direct on.

I do tend to use it a bit higher with the accessories than I do with the regular head to compensate for the diffusion in the vibrations. It’s a mild diffuseness at best, but it gets so powerful anyway that even with the longer heads it does not lack for power. Rather, my complaints with other wands is that once you put the “heads” on, the vibrations become weak and diffused, making it hard to orgasm. Yes, there is some diffusion because it travels a little further, but not very much, and what does occur is easy enough to compensate for by just powering it higher.

A couple more things worth emphasizing: This is a corded product. That is what I love about it- no need for batteries, endless power supply, immensely more powerful than battery powered vibes. It is also more discreet than standard vibes and perfectly suitable for full body and non-sexual massage. Or forced-torture S/M.

On that note, not only is this corded, but it also plugs in via a jack-pin at the base. This is both good and bad. On one hand, it does make it easier to clean, and easier to untwist the cord. On the other hand, it does make it easier to accidentally pull too hard and unplug it. I haven’t had this problem too often in regular use, but it did happen once while using it on my husband.

Second, while this toy is not as loud as the Hitachi or my Cone, it’s not a quiet toy either. It would be possible for this to be heard through a closed door.

But anyway, enough gushing, you’ve made it to the end of my review. Now get over to one of my favorite stores and buy this immediately. When you finally resurface you can send a note and thank me.

Thank you California Exotics for sending this my way to review!
Get yours now from my favorite stores:
Adam&Eve (Entire kit - And you can get it 50% OFF if you click my link above!)
Edenfantasys (wand only) (wand only)
Funwares (wand only)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Tenga Lover's Edition Egg REVIEW

I have the cutest idea for Easter; a Tenga Lover’s Edition Egg! Okay, maybe I wasn’t the first to think of it (Tenga), but I’m rolling with it anyway. I’ve already had the chance to review one the wavy Eggs, and you should revisit that review for all the wonderful little details about them.

The Lover’s Edition Egg is a little different than the regular one mostly in looks. First, it comes in a black shell instead of the standard white. While this makes it look sexier in my estimation, it would also make it really stand out in an Easter basket. But what really had me delighted was the detailing of the Egg itself.
The first Egg I tried was milky white and semi-opaque. This Egg is transparent with heart shapes scattered throughout the material! It is absolutely adorable! The clear material also gave me a better view of my husband’s penis during use- so sexy. This Egg did seem to have a little less texture than the last one, but felt just as good.

Obviously, this Egg had the same disadvantages as the first one I tried. Namely, that it is a disposable toy. However, I had better luck with this one lasting through a couple of uses. Probably because I was a little gentler with it than the previous one.

None the less, this Egg is adorable, whether for Easter, an anniversary, or just because. Especially being marketed as more of a couple’s toy, I think that makes it seem more worth the $10 it cost. I mean, I usually drop $50 on lingerie for a special occasion. When I think of it that way, this is actually more economical, even though the uses are limited.

Thank you Babeland for sending me the Tenga Lover’s Edition Egg to review!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fusion Double Impact silicone/water-based lube hybrid REVIEW

Fusion Double Impact, how I love thee, let me count the ways.

I may as well start at the beginning. Forget the pretty flower packaging that no man wants gracing his nightstand; Fusion comes in a 2 fl. Oz. black bottle with a silver label that has a metallic red “Fusion” on the side. In tiny words on the bottom it does say lubricant, but someone would have to pretty much pick it up and be snooping to notice it. If I spotted this sitting on someone's coffee table, I'd conclude it was some sort of glue or something. So thank you, Fusion, for catering to those of us who like discretion in their toys. And who like a lube that looks bad-ass instead of pretty. Oh yeah, and the push-top cap that delivers the perfect pea-sized amount of lube every time with no worry of spillage.

Of course appearance is only superficial. But I was also blown away with performance!

For me, this lube just does it all. I never have to stop and think, “crap, I grabbed the wrong lube for this toy/situation/whatever“. It works for anything. Everything. It may not be the best at everything, but it's a jack-of-all-trades.

When it first comes out it seems more like a water-based lube. It piles a pea-size dollop on my hand that stays formed in a small hill that doesn't really spread. I like this; I hate runny, messy lubes. And it really held up to all the different ways I want a lube to work for me.

First I used it in conjunction with some lotion to give my husband a back rub. Often I find myself adding just a tad of silicone lube when I'm putting lotion on him because it makes my hands glide a little easier and the lotion from soaking in as quickly. I would say it worked a bit better for me in this area than others I've tried, but it does seems a bit wasteful to use my good lube for something like this, so I only tried it the once.

As a finish to any good back massage I used it to lube my husband up for an old-fashioned hand-job. Again, I appreciated the wetness and thicker texture that the water-based lube added to the long-lasting effect of the silicone. Even as the water-part starts to absorb into the skin, the silicone kept my skin from dragging on his. I still prefer the Boy Butter for a good hand-job, but I hate the way it tastes so it limits our play.

Once the majority of the lube had dried up, probably a good 10-15 minutes or so, I decided to have a taste. There is no odor to this, and no taste, but on the tip of my tongue it gives a slight… sensation? It is like a very mild version of putting your tongue on the end of a 9V battery. It only lasted the first 10 seconds or so and was gone. Maybe it's just me, my husband didn't notice it, but I did. None the less, it really didn't add or detract from me being able to give him oral. It's definitely not designed to be used for oral sex, get yourself something flavored for that, but it won't be a total turn-off if you decide mid-play you want to.

For myself and sex-play, it was more universal. On my clit I like the wet slipperiness of water-based lubes, which Fusion mimics very well. But it lasts longer. And it plays well with my Eroscillator and my MiMi (Adoring sigh).

Internally, it really shines. The thickness lubes my toys and my husband up perfectly to enter me, and keeps things slick, but without the sopping, dripping excess of water lubes. I only need a couple pumps and it lasts me however long I want to go, and I swear, it works with my own juices so it feels natural. I haven't tried this anally, but I imagine it would work quite well.

Of course I did the patch test on a couple of my silicone toys (Lelo, Vanity, and Jimmy Jane - I'm brave, I know) and not one hint of bonding between the materials. Success! Nor did the clear formula stain the sheets. Any amount that dripped onto the bed just disappeared once dry.
Below are the ingredients as found on the label, but the descriptions are provided by me (and google) based on commonly known uses, and not provided by the manufacturer.
Propylene Glycol- a solvent and emulsifier that can be irritating to skin in some people. DionizedWater- water, with no ions. Cyclopentasiloxane- silcone known for its ability to lubricate and waterproof. Butylene Glycol- used as solvent and viscosity decreasing agent in cosmetics and personal care products. Dimethicone- type of silicone which is non-toxic and helps lubricate. Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer- conditions, controls viscosity, forms a protective film. Hydroxyethyl Acrylate- a gelling agent that thickens, emulsifies, and stabilizes products and solutions. It is very easy to use in liquid form and provides a sensation of freshness followed by a melting effect on contact with the skin. It leaves a feeling of velvety softness. Sodium Acrylol Dimethyl Taurate Copolymer- Synthetic polymer used as a stabilizing and suspending agent and as a thickening agent.
Cyclohexasiloxane- Primarily works as a skin conditioning agent and emollient. Like all other silicones, this ingredient has a unique fluidity that makes it easily spreadable. When applied to the skin, it gives a silky & slippery feeling to the touch and acts a mild water repellent by forming a protective barrier on the skin.
While nothing jumps out at me as something that might cause yeast infections, some of the alcohol containing ingredients could cause irritation in individuals sensitive to them. I didn't have any problems, but that's just me and everyone is different.

After use, I found the product wipes away easily with water if it hasn't soaked in to the skin yet. If it has soaked in, it leaves a clean feeling with no residue. On toys, it washes off easily with soap and warm water.

I highly recommend giving this lube a try!
Thank you Edenfantasys for sending my Fusion Double Impact to review!

First Time Mini G by California Exotics REVIEW

Granted, I'm a long way past my first time, but I still appreciate discretion. The First Time Mini-G comes in a clear plastic package with the toy as the main display. In the background is a partially clothed woman and the name of the toy and Cal Exotics label on the front. In short, if you really value your privacy about anyone guessing what you bought (especially as many first timer's don't live alone!), you will have to be very careful about opening and disposing of the packaging.

What I do like about the First Time is the material. Plastic is universally friendly. It is hypo-allergenic, phthalate and latex-free. It can be used with any type of lubricant, and is only slightly porous, so it rates pretty well on the safety scale. And what I really, really like is the soft-touch coating which makes the plastic feel velvety soft. On dry skin it glides smoothly (my nipples love it), but as you head down south a little extra lube goes a long way as it will tend to catch more than regular plastic on semi-moist areas. So I would have been decently excited in the choice of material- if they hadn't left a huge seam running right down the middle of the toy. Not only is there a seam, which normally doesn't bother me too much, but it came with a gouge where it didn't seem to fit together well.

The design is pretty typical for a g-spot toy, and I guess the slimness is what is supposed to make it good for newbies. Basically, you have a straight toy with no texture anywhere, that curves at the neck into a bottle-nose dolphin shape. It's a good size curve, about a full 45°, which is perfect for angling up towards that g-spot- but annoying for those who can't stand pin-point pressure against it, or tend to feel like many toys snag the pubic bone. I didn't find fault with this, but at a measly 4 ½” of insertable length and a 1” diameter, though maybe it's meant to not intimidate, for me it just made it pretty boring.

But those weren't the only the cons for me. Especially since this doesn't leave much room to hold onto the end of, with the control being the twist cap at the base. I prefer a bit more of a handle on my toys, and I did find myself accidentally adjusting the setting when I was using it. Further, with the perfectly round shape shaft, the toy tends to get twisted to the side and it's hard to figure out which way to turn it to get it back without taking it out and readjusting it. The only good thing about the control is that it is a textured cap, so it doesn't make it a bit easier to grip.

Now I will concede that, sure, some people won't mind the smaller size, and of course, maybe not all of them have a gouge in the seam, but I'm not sure if anyone is going to want to look past the complete lack of power. Especially since it sounds like it should be powerful! This toy is louder than my husband's electric razor, yet the vibrations were so diffuse that they didn't pack a punch no matter how I tried to use it. I can't complain they were buzzy, but they were just completely underwhelming.

First I tried it on my clit, but that was a complete fail. It just ended up making me feel like I needed something that would actually do the trick. Then I tried inserting it. It did hit my g-spot, but I hate that the shaft was straight rather than curved, as I couldn't stroke it with quite as much pressure as I like. And of course, the vibrations felt weak, and like they were just “there”, rather than feeling like they were stimulating me.

The only thing that I felt this delivered on was its being waterproof. Used it in shower with no issues and have successfully submerged to clean with no wet batteries.

I still suggest removing the batteries prior to cleaning with soap and water or toy cleaner, and storing in a plastic bag or toy pouch. It's not a lint-collector, but it is a bit more hygienic. And by storing without the batteries, you will extend battery life and prevent accidental corrosion.
Thank you Edenfantasys for sending me the First Time Mini-G to review!